• Kiiiiiira


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  • Maricutypie


    May 24, 2017 by Maricutypie

    hi, to whoever is reading this. Welcome you might feel bored reading my blogs. cause i know they are gonna be boring.

    first lemme say u something about myself, i am a 10th grade student studying in k.v. no.1 Saltlake. I've got board exams coming on march and instead of studying i am on computer writing my first ever blog✌.☺

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  • Nepptune

    This is the English translation for the new special chapter, the strongest maid in campus

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  • Nepptune

    The Strongest Main in Campus

    February 15, 2017 by Nepptune

    New chapter of Kaichou wa maid Sama~ The Strongest Maid in Campus I'm so happy I bought this issue. The new chapter was really cute.

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  • Hiroppi

    Just Received It ❤

    February 13, 2017 by Hiroppi

    Just received it yesterday, I thought that I will never get my own copy of the issue, since I've requested it last December 26... ಥ_ಥ

    Besides the YukiochixMaid-sama crossover, there are other good manga(s) there, especially the Mizutama Honey Boy and Saiouji Kyoudai etc.

    I've enjoyed the one-shot manga. Sasuga Fujiwara-sensei! I love every part of it, especially when Misaki and Usui showed up❤.

    Not related but... Hype for Hokenshitsu no Kageyama-kun!

    Aside from that issue, I bought the two Otakuzine's past issues where-in Maid-sama is the cover.

    It also has a free poster featuring Misaki and Sakura.

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  • Nepptune

    Hiro Fujiwara livestream

    January 27, 2017 by Nepptune

    Aww Hiro Fujiwara sketched these adorable drawing from 2 request♡ [1][2]

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  • Nepptune

    LaLa Dx[1] featuring the special chapter release on February 10, 2017

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  • Nepptune


    January 8, 2017 by Nepptune

    This is such a beautiful drawing hiro fujiwara drew of yuki and Misaki regarding the crossover (^∇^)[1] [2]

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  • Nepptune

    Supporting the author

    January 8, 2017 by Nepptune

    If anyone wishes to support the aurthor of maid sama Hiro Fujiwara for making the one shot cross over, please support her by purchasing the last series of Yuki wa jigoku which contains the cross over. You can purchase the manga here [1] Overseas purchase to the U.S is available.

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  • Nepptune


    January 3, 2017 by Nepptune

    Yay I just got a copy of the scan a while ago, so I'll add any information I can gather from the one shot crossover. But can't add any pictures since I'm not allowed to repost it. Scans received from shin here [1] if anyone wants a copy of the scans please contact shin but she said her group will be translating the oneshot anyways so I recommend waiting a week or so then asking or visiting cafe scans here[2] here [3] or here [4]

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  • Nepptune

    Release date

    December 28, 2016 by Nepptune

    Okay so the one shot of maid sama will be released on February 5 2017, If anyone wants the scans you'll have to contact the scans group here [1] but please don't repost it or you'll have to wait for the translated version to be released most like in (cafe scans) if you want further information please visit this blog [2]

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  • Nepptune


    December 24, 2016 by Nepptune

    So Hiro Fujiwara finally added more visual art of misaki and usuis kids and the last volume of yuki wa jigoku will be released this week with the crossover :)

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  • Nepptune

    Maid sama x yuki wa jigoku

    December 10, 2016 by Nepptune

    On December 24 2016 a cross over between maid sama and yuki wa jigoku will be released. Featuring the kids of misaki and Usui, which they will be in the lead.

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  • Nepptune

    Special edition of maid sama

    December 10, 2016 by Nepptune

    On February 10 2017 a special edition of maid sama will be released by hiro fujiwara.

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  • MValeeCita17

    Nuevos capitulo

    December 2, 2016 by MValeeCita17

    Quisiera nuevo capítulo de Kaichou wa maid me gusto con que le sucedió a los personajes principal, me gusta mas fue lo que le paso Sakura con Kuuga

    Que opinan


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  • Maoni


    April 21, 2015 by Maoni

    Hi! I'm a new to the Wikia editor, if there are any errors (written by me) ask you in to draw my attention either correct me, because I am a beginner editor

    Thanks and bye! :3

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  • Flluffy7

    I don't get this....

    August 14, 2013 by Flluffy7

    In the manga whenever they kiss there is no awkward thing between them the next day. I'm wondering why this happens. Do they forget or something? I just don't get it.

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  • Owlgirl949

    Hey. I'm new here and i was wondering what's your Favorite episode(s) and/or chapter(s) of Maid-Sama?

    Mine were "Idiot, Delinquent, and Hero" because some parts were so funny i could have cried and then there's always "Maid Latte in the Beach Party!" because Usui was so cute by being concerned. I haven't really read the manga yet so I can't really comment but feel free to post favorite scenes, episodes, chapters whatever and why cause thats always the best part about watching or reading, the parts that made you fall in love with it or fall off your chair because you were laughing so hard. Maybe even screaing in frustration or surprise.

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  • Efflorescence

    Ok, what do you think about this characters? I freakin' love them, despite Gerald being the "bad guy" at the beginning. And Cedric..Cedric is soo cool x-x

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  • Cupcakegirl1232


    April 19, 2013 by Cupcakegirl1232

    well 5 days ago i swapped my big brother darren, my x-box 360 for a brand new laptop.

    we all know what your thinking, why would my brother swap a used x-box for a new laptop? seeing as recently my brother has gone back to school, (he quit, then a year or so he thought he needed the proper education so he went back) he got told by he's teacher or someone that he had to buy a laptop, but later on this year he found out that there was no point in buying that laptop, so he went on gum tree, to sell it for $300, but he didnt get the cash, and he asked me 2 days ago if i wanted to swap, so i said yes, my mum said that we had until 3:30 pm today to see if we wanted to swap back, neither of us did, BUT NOW THE LAPTOPS ALL MINE MWAHAHAHHAAH, AND HE …

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  • Cupcakegirl1232

    ice skating!

    April 19, 2013 by Cupcakegirl1232

    on monday, coming up, im going ice skating with my family, this will be the first time i have gone with my family, but i have  been twice by birthday partys.

    my younger sister, whos almost 11, is breaking out about how scary it will be for her, its her first time ever going on the ice, but my little brother who has turned 9 not that long ago, isnt scared at all, seeing as he has been by a birthday party,

    the only reason my younger sister is truly scared, is because at my first time there, i fell over and cut my hand open! but dont worry i didnt need stiches! i didnt feel it because it was to cold, but anyway, how do i convince my litle sister she will be alright, anyone who has a similar situation, please comment below!!

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  • Cupcakegirl1232

    Tohru Honda!

    April 19, 2013 by Cupcakegirl1232

    Tohru Honda is a famous girl in Ouran Highschool Host Club, she isnt a true Sohma, but loves to think she is,

    she came into the Sohmas family when, The Sohmas found her, living in  a tent all by herself, with only a few things to get her by, she is a normal teenage girl, whos mother died, but she loves to think her mother is with her 24/7

    shes a lovely girl, and loves to meet new people, you should search up on google, ouran highschool host club, and theres a wikia called Ouran Highschool Host Club Wiki search it up on google!!

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  • Cupcakegirl1232

    okay, so today, my little sister, little brother and i were shopping with mum, and we'd almost finished shopping, the last thing that had to be done, was that mum went for her 3 month check up, eye test,

    so my little sister, my little brother and i had to wait in a waiting room, while mum did her eye test,mum said sit down here, and be quiet, we sat there, and after a few minutes of silence, my little sister (whos almost 11) was being a retard, she said 'in her apparently funny voice" i go see mum, but seeing as my little brother thought that she was funny, she sat down, and done the same thing over and over again, i sat there, and as she saw me getting annoyed, she did it several more times, the next time she went to get up and do it, i gr…

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  • Cupcakegirl1232

    alright so when my little brother and sister fight about one of the smallest things on earth like whos playing pool with me, it turns into something serious where someone always ends up crying, its like world war three with two people, and im the one who always has to split them apart, holding one away from the other, so they dont kill each other,

    when they fight, them two are like two dogs, who just have to keep fighting to see who is better, or tougher then the other,

    its so hard to keep them two brats away from each other,

    anyone got a similar problem with their siblings or so? maybe just a relative.

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  • Appleplum

    My Maid Sama craze

    February 26, 2013 by Appleplum

    Hello everyone. I am a huge fan of Kaichou wa Maid sama. I started watching it on Television on the channel  Animax. But then, the channel was blocked and I was heartbroken to leave all my favourite Anime including Maid Sama. It happened several years ago. Then I came to know about the Manga and Anime provided by different sites and without any delay, I started reading the Manga. Now, I download Maid sama's new chapters as soon as they are released. I am very happy and always enjoy reading it.

    My favourite pairings are:

    If you like these pairings or any other pairing, please comment and tell me about it. I'll be glad to know.

    • Misaki X Takumi

    • Misaki X Tora

    • Misaki X Shintani
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  • I am ciel phantomhive

    Happy New Year

    December 31, 2012 by I am ciel phantomhive

    Me the newbie, would like to say have a happy and joyuex new year to everyone here.

    best wishes for the new year and may you stay healthy.

    And i almost forgot, happy christmas as well, or hanuka or any other religious celebration or even happy birthday.

    Bonne aniversaié et joyouex nöel.

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  • Efflorescence

    Haruka Hirayama

    November 25, 2012 by Efflorescence

    Haruka Hirayama is an OC ( Original Character ) created and designed in totally by me in order to fit in the Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Universe.

    I'll be greatful if you're going to put in a comment an opinion about her.

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  • I am ciel phantomhive

    Hi there!, it me!


    here are all the good drawings i've done! I've done a lot more but i've already put quite a lot on this slide show so i thought, "No use putting them all up there in case people don't like them or no one writes a comment".

    so here we are and i hope u like them i guess?


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  • Dynasty101Warriors

    Ohayogozaimas mina-san watashiwa Dynasty...Nice to meet you all!♥

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  • Dannah.mantuano

    Usui Takumi!

    March 30, 2012 by Dannah.mantuano
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  • Dannah.mantuano

    Maid Sama

    March 30, 2012 by Dannah.mantuano

    I am new here and I accidentally saw this website dedicated for Kaichou wa Maid Sama. Somehow, I am really glad to be part of it. Maid Sama is one of my favorite anime. I just love Usui and Misaki. They're funny and sweet at the same time. lol.

    By the way, I love Usui Takumi. Who doesn't? He's like perfect already. He's so romantic. I can't help it. :)

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  • Erika.Strikes

    I wanted to ask! I watch the Anime of Kaichou wa Maid-sama and haven't read the manga yet. I have watched the entire Kaichou wa Maid-sama series but still it's not clear that Usui and Misaki are an official couple. Help, anyone? Do you know if they are?

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  • Nie-chan


    January 14, 2012 by Nie-chan


    count you in

    from one to ten

    you got two

    cause my mom got one

    the subtle standpoint

    i became curious

    now i explore your cold world

    i never melt

    cause we are

    needles and threads

    in one hole

    we make a stitch

    sew by one hand

    we creat good memories

    we can keep

    for years

    livin in a different dimension

    but we both have the same conclusion

    by the end of the day

    smiles are always in our way

    the anxiety i felt

    is gone

    for God created an angel

    beautifully as you are

    :] nie-chan.

    dedicated to my bestfriend :]

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  • Nie-chan

    loneliness is my destiny-

    January 13, 2012 by Nie-chan

    Loneliness is my Destiny

    as i walk to a road to start my journey

    fears were through me very badly

    somehow i needed someone who can rescue me

    who can give me light and love for free.

    i've spent half my life just by wishing

    for someone who can dance w/ me and sing

    the lullaby that my heart is whispering

    it was all an illusion, dreaming was a stupid thing!

    every night i feel so cold and empty

    as i close my eyes you're the one that i see

    i can't believe that a single smile would let me fall

    for a trap called love, so painful after all.

    i couldn't count the teardroops from my eyes

    i was locked up here w/ the sad and silent cries

    i thought you're the one who'll rescue me

    you can't give me the light, you can't love me tenderly

    how could you bid goodbye w/o even s…

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  • Samantha Aclan


    November 7, 2011 by Samantha Aclan

    Konichiwa Minna ~

    Here's the reason on why I love Kaichou Wa Maid Sama! so much!!

    Yes, indeed. The story is really interesting and it's not boring at all (it was never even boring) T__T. Anyways, the impact of the story is so strong that it became an anime, right? Yet the anime didn't follow the real storyline. >.< Still, the story is really awesome. \m/

    OhEmGeeee ~

    The characters are absolutely A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! They're also absolutely HOT.

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  • Seddieiscute

    Love Usui

    October 20, 2011 by Seddieiscute

    Okay! First of all people who hate Usui should read this and those who are crazy for Usui shaould also read it too. Basically it's for everyone (sshhhh! Don't tell Usui)

    Resons you should like...who am I kidding...LOVE Usui :

    1. He is Hot! (Like cm'on every one knows that)

    2. Voted Sexiest Male Anime 2010! (Ha!)

    3. One-quater Brithish

    4. A knight in shining amour (For Misaki >.

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  • Seddieiscute

    People who like Usui

    October 9, 2011 by Seddieiscute

    Hello everyone who is normal to a complete weirdo! This is my frist blog and I hope you can support my opinion.Well how did I became a Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama fan? It all started when my annoying sister found, now my favourite anime in the world ,in a certain website. Once she told me the name of this drama and started to watch&nbsp this anime,I immeadilately fell in LOVE with it! And also my hero Usui Tamuki. Well if you don't know what am i blabbing about... just on your computer and start watching Kaichou Wa Maid Sama. Anyways, where was I? Oh! Usui Tamuki! Most sexiest anime 2010! He is dark blonde with mesmerising green eye. Goes to Sekia High School (kinda obvious). Unfortunely for us girls who love him to bits... he is dating cute yet …

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