Maid-Sama at the School Festival is the 2nd episode of Kaichou wa Maid-sama!. It first aired on April 8, 2010.


It's time for the annual school festival and Misaki wants to use the opportunity to improve the school's image and encourage more girls to enroll. However, problems arise with class 2-2 because the boys' activity proposals are attempts to sexually exploit the girls. The boys ask Takumi to persuade her, though he puts very little effort into it. On the suggestion from the class's three girls, Misaki decides that class 2-2 will hold a café. Later, Takumi warns Misaki that her hostility towards the boys will eventually backfire. On the day of the festival, things go well and there is a large turnout of girls. However, she finds out that the boys of class 2-2 are cosplaying in period military outfits, taking over the café and rounding up girls as prisoners. She scolds the boys, but they turn on her and leave the girls to run the café alone, which both Misaki and Takumi help the girls. Seeing the action from the classroom windows, the boys return and serve the customers properly, making the café a success. During the festival bonfire, Takumi finds Misaki resting under a tree. She thanks him for his assistance, but Takumi teases her about being his personal maid.


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