An OVA connected to the Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama series.

Plot Edit


Misaki finds a rip in her maid outfit and asks her mother to help her sew it back, but Suzuna offers to help her instead. Suzuna then comes out in the maid uniform, saying that she just wanted to try it out. She also lets her mother try the outfit on. For two times, Suzuna attempts to answer the door, but Misaki objects and decides to do it herself for the sake of letting her family be exposed with the maid outfit.

Suzuna finally hands over the maid uniform and gets Misaki to put it on. While Misaki, still in her maid uniform, goes to get a rock for her mother, Usui and Shintani spot her in her maid outfit. Misaki invites them inside for dinner. The two boys finish the meal in a blink of an eye.

After that, Suzuna questions them about their "story" of how they got to their home. Apparently, Shintani was carrying a box of vegetables from him grandfather, when the bottom of the box tore apart and the pumpkins rolled down the steep road. Coicendentially, Usui was there as well, so he helped Shintani carry the pumpkins. Usui then advises Shintani to carry the box from the bottom.

Misaki brings up Usui's cat as the topic, asking him if he had ever named his cat yet. Usui says that he hasn't even tried calling it by anything yet. Suzuna and Shintani suggests a few names for the cat, saying whatever they see around the kitchen. Misaki suggests the name she sees on a container, Licht, without knowing it meant "light" in German.

At night, Usui goes home to feed the kitten. Acknowledging it by its new name, Licht. Usui says that the cat was just like Misaki, because of their tsundere-like actions. The episode ends with Licht falling asleep on Usui's lap.

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