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Masaru Gōda (剛田 将, Gōda Masaru) is a Seika High School student who competed in the Sports Festival. He is the head of the election committee.


He is a tall, athletic and muscular boy with dark brown hair and eyes. He wears the standard high school uniform for males. Gōda has an average weight. During the Seika Sports Festival, he was shown wearing a green bandhand and a shite T-shirt.


Goda is in love with Sakura Hanazono, but he never had confessed his love to her. He'salso the president of Hanazono Sakura Fan Club as well as a rugby captain and the head of the election cimmittee. Becouse of that his considered very popular among his schoolmates. 


Though he doesn't like Misaki he does admit that she and the student council do a better job than the previous one. Gōda is an energetic and cheerful student, but also serious when the moment calls for it.


  • He's in class 3-2.
  • His first name, Masaru, mean "intelligent" and "victorious".
  • His last name, Gōda, mean "hellfire", which means the effect of the karma.
  • Also, Gōda is a mild cream-colored Dutch cheese shaped in balls.
  • His specialty is Rugby.
  • He likes twin-tails.


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