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Never Give Up! is a song from the character songs sung by Misaki Ayuzawa (Fujimura Ayumi).



ガムシャラだって かまわない
もっと 自分を信じて I'll Never Give Up!

今日も 昨日も 一昨日も
マンネリで うんざりしているEvery Day

こんな窮屈すぎる日々 ぶち破って
まっすぐ 夢に向かうよ

クラクラ眩暈して フラフラしたって

明日に向かって 駆け抜けて
振り向かないで 前を見て
ずっと 止まらないで 走ってく

今日も 明日も 明後日も
山積みの課題に追われるEvery Day

どんな高すぎて分厚い壁に ぶつかっても

弱音をこぼしたり 誰かに頼ったり
絶対にそんなこと したくはないから

迷わないで 乗り越えて
1対1で ぶつかり合って
心配なんて 迷惑で
もっと 強くなって 走ってく

駆け引きなしで 勝負して
きっと 追い抜かしてあげるから

明日に向かって 駆け抜けて
今 全力を出し切って
躓いたって 努力して
ずっと 自分を信じて I'll Never Give Up!


Gamushara datte kamawanai
Motto jibun o shinjite I'll never give up!

Kyou mo kinou mo ototoi mo
Manneri de unzari shiteiru every day

Konna kyuukutsusugiru hibi buchiyabutte
Massugu yume ni mukau yo

Kurakura memai shite furafura shita tte
Yasunderu baai ja nai kara

Asu ni mukatte kakenukete
Ittai hyaku demo tachimukatte
Furimukanaide mae o mite
Zutto tomaranaide hashitteku

Kyou mo ashita mo asatte mo
Yamazumi no kadai ni owareru every day

Donna takasugite buatsui kabe ni butsukatte mo
Yume o mezasu yo

Yowane o koboshitari dareka ni tayottari
Zettai ni sonna koto shitaku wa nai kara

Mayowanaide norikoete
Ittai ichi de butsukariatte
Shinpai nante meiwaku de
Motto tsuyoku natte hashitteku

Kakehiki nashi de shoubu shite
Kitto oinukashiteageru kara

Asu ni mukatte kakenukete
Ima zenryoku o dashikitte
Tsumazuita tte doryoku shite
Zutto jibun o shinjite I'll never give up!
Transliterated by: Chokoreeto


I don't care if I may be too reckless sometimes
Believing in myself even more I'll Never Give Up!

Today yesterday and the day before yesterday
I'm so fed up with keeping my mannerism every single day

I'm gonna break down these suffocating days
To run straight toward my dream

I may get dizzy and unsteady
But this is not the time to rest

With tomorrow as my goal I will race through everything
Fighting against anything in my way, though I might be one against a hundred
I won't look back as I fix my eyes on what lies ahead
I will keep on running never stopping

Today tomorrow and the day after tomorrow
I have a ton of tasks following me every single day

But no matter how high or how thick a wall I bump into
I will keep working toward my dream

I absolutely don't want
To show any signs of weakness nor do I want to depend on someone

I will overcome everything without any hesitation
Come at me one on one
It's a bother when you worry about me
I will simply grow stronger and I will keep on running

Fight me fair and square without any tricks
Just watch me, I'll surpass you

With tomorrow as my goal I will race through everything
Right now I will use all of my power
I may stumble and fall but I will just try harder
Forever believing in myself I'll Never Give Up!
Translated by: Hazuki no Yume

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