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Sara Usui (碓氷さら Usui Sara) is the daughter of Misaki Ayuzawa and Takumi Usui. She is one of the main protagonist along with her younger brother, Rui in the one-shot manga Yuki Ochimura ni Ojou-sama!.


Sara is a young girl with blond hair and green eyes, which was most likely inherited from her father, Takumi Usui.


Sara is a cheerful girl that loves excitement, she enjoys solving mysteries of anything unique and interesting but she doesn't like getting involved with anything including romance. She also likes to interacts with whom or whatever she finds intresting. She seems to tease Rui a lot and even says he's boring when he feels conflicted about joining her in her "quest". She gets bothered by her mother because Misaki is always keeping track of her and Rui by constantly texting them but she adores her family and is very open with them.

Her personlaity is very similar to her fathers, Takumi, as in how she enjoys teasing Rui. And similar to her mother, Misaki, as in getting frustrated, embarrassed or excited over little things.


Throughout the beginning of the oneshot it is hinted that Sara studied and lived overseas in Britain and is currently now in Japan, kyoto with her family.

At the end of the of the oneshot Misaki says how Sara has a bad habit of "running away" and going off outside or elsewhere by her self or with Rui. Misaki also says how it's a pain to have fun with Sara because she always goes beyond anything necessary.


"In advance sorry for any mistakes, I do not understand Japanese so the scans were very hard to translate and many mistakes were made with the translations. Some unclear parts from the translation were skipped while writing this plot. I'll fix the plot when the proper translations come out." (Nepptune)

In a classroom Sara is shown shooting tiny pellets from a toy gun on to a paper taped to the wall. Rui yells at Sara asking her what she was doing and that he told her to do chillography. Sara replies "Can't you see, I'm playing with the toy from the Game Center". Later they leave the classroom and start walking. Sara exclaims that it would have been better if they stayed in England,

Sara Chillography

Sara shooting pellets from a toy gun

while Rui says she's only 10 and should waste her time. Sara replies saying that even though Rui is only 8 he was a bad brother. Sara then says that even at a prestigious school in Britain she was able to skip classes and that she was diffent from Rui to that extent. She continues saying that she would like to see a geisha in Kyoto and that curiosity was important to fulfill. Changing the subject, Rui Says that Sara always stayed with him so he was embarrassed of always playing around. Sara then slap the wall facing Rui with his back to it, saying that she doesn't really care. Rui becomes frustrated, telling her to stop imitating papa (Usui) and that he feels nasty and angry. Sara replies saying that they have become more and more similar haven't they.

Sara Valentine's

Sara telling Rui it's Valentines Day

When Rui gets a message from Usui, Sara says that now it's going to be a boring day, sarcastically Rui says that he's actually enjoy it. On his phone its shows the texts with Usui texing "Really?" and Rui replying "Yup" then Usui texts "Misaki wrote LOVE on an ema", Rui replies texting "Wow". It ends with Usui texting "Mama is showing a shining face". Rui then continues to text him, which then Misaki starts texting him. Rui then tells Sara , "Mama and papa are worried about this place", Sara just nods and say "yeah yeah". She then says that her long term vacation was delightful but she was getting bored of the safe and secure journey. She continues saying with her arms around Ruis neck that today was Valentines Day, a perfect day for two people to be alone with a banner on them saying "Freedom in my hands". She then tells Rui thats why he should stop everyday things like email. Rui says that periodic communiaction is a promise so he cannot, and that since he's doing all the texting, he'll forgive Sara for saying that. Misaki texts them saying that they should get something to eat and they shouldn't go too far. Sara and Rui exclaims how she totally exaggerated it and wondered if she'll always treat them like a baby.

Sara starats saying that, since Misaki is so overprotective Sara doesn't have a lot of experienc. She then says "Don't you think you should be a little adventurous Watson-kun". Rui says that it suddenly feels like Sherlock Holme. Sara says that they're finally in Kyoto and surely there must be an exciting incident occurring. Looking at a crowded group, Rui says what's with this image of Kyoto. Sara tells Rui doesn't he know that there are drama states set up in Kyoto. Rui says that he just felt something weird passing by, confused he sees Sara running really fast leaving him. Rui yells at her to wait then follows her afterwards being frustrated.

Sara Rui Inn

Sara and Rui standing in front of an Inn

Sara stops in front of an inn which then she says looking at it "Emma's Inn?" , "its rather noisy". While Rui is nearly crouching with his hand on his knees next to her completely breathless and tired. Then some sort of tall mascot figure comes out with a group chasing it, it then says while running that it's so hard being famous.

Three Triplets which were all boys then pop out disparaging the village with the first saying it's disgusting, the second saying the village has loose characters and the third saying he gets bored a lot. Sara amused with a sparkling face and shining eyes says "Triplets!". Just then two foreign ladies come and ask the triplets if it's okay and could them if the guide they was for the shop. They came to meet Denma-kun and asked If he was not here right now. The triplets looked rather frightened and confused. Mush to Sara's amusement she says that this is rather a quite interesting situatio. Shocked, Rui tells her that she has a twisted personality.

Sara Smiling

Sara telling Rui she found something interesting.

Just then Takaya appears and says, "Let me ask", "Do you need something from the store" to the ladies. He guides them and they leave thanking him. The triplets thank Takaya and tell him that he saved them and that he was very reliabl. They continue praising him, saying that since the beginning he was always helpful and he was a really good classmate and he always comes at the right time as a hero. With a smiling face he tells them that he doesn't need that much appreciation. Sara looks rather confused and blank. As Sara walks into the store, Rui then tells Sara she's going in to the store? In the store Sara finds a flier that's says there is a one day bus tour to a village with MITSUJI Cafe discount and up to 20 perople can go. Sara rather amused and happy she calls out to Rui and says, finally she found something interesting.

Sara Cosplay

Sara asking Rui which suit he prefers

As everyone arrives at the village with the tour bus, Sara recalls a time when she read in a book that in a village long ago there was a cruel murder, then later an incomprehensible incident occurred, the villagers were afrai of it. In a corner of a small village in the mountains, eight people were once killed in the past. Sara continues to say that it's this place "Eight tomb village". Rui then says Rikuji Tsujimura. Sara says that Rui was a boring brother, while looking completely drained he says that tgey traveled such a long distance, obviously he'd be tired. Holding two costumes with a smile on her face, Sara askes Rui if he prefers a policeman or doctor suit. As Rui repeatedly says "no", Sara starts yelling at his face and says, "Don't lie, such chances are rare!!". She continues speaking with the tour paper on her hand saying, "A small village in the mountains, a historical land!! It seems that there is a limestone cave we're not supposed to enter, it's impossible not to do anything with all these places set up!!". While she was stilll shaking Rui and yelling two twins appear and says "Welcome". Sara amused while blushing thinks "Sister twins!" She then becomes frustrated while Rui just looks at her with a blank face. The triplets then introduced Takaya to the twins saying that he was the person from the rumors, they then introduce the twins to Takaya saying that the twins were the triplets sisters.

The twins then say something to the triplets which then they get frustrated. The twins then ask take if he's fine, he thanks them for being concerned and they tell him that they'll show him around, he asks them to show him around village. Somewhat deep in thought, Sara seems to be wordless, she then say, somewhat annoyed, that she was unhappy. To Rui She says that there was a different aura around Takaya and there was a secretive look in his face which then she also says to Rui, "don't you think Watson?". Rui asks if it was Watson from Holmes or not. Sara then look down at something yelling  "yes, yes"' "the story of the incident!?". The triplets then take everyone to the village showing them temples. They say the the temple is old and it broke down 16 years ago but it was beautifully rebuilt. While Sara seems rather bored, Rui amused says that it finally feels like he's sightseeing on Japan. 

Limestone cave

Limestone cave in village

Takaya looks at the temple and seems speechless and depressed. One of the triplets say now they should go the shrine. As they start leaving Sara looks back and realizes that Takaya was still standing there looking back at the temple. He then looks forward with cold eyes which Sara seemed to be a bit shocked at. She then quickly turns her head and Rui asks her what was wrong, she says no..nothing. Changing her mood, sparkling she says it's the scene from the novel, while they go to other places in the village they reach the limestone cave. The triplets say that although the limestone cave is not restricted it isn't a sightseeing spot. Sparkling and amused Sara says "ooh!". Suddenly Sara just appears in front of Rui wearing the traditional clothing of Japanese people that are put on the dead and screams in his face scaring him. He yells that it's monster and Sara says that it's exciting. She then changes into an armor and with a shocked face she says that there much me a corpse of the person who wore the armor, Rui yells that there isn't and she's going to give him a heart attack.

Sara looks very happy and amused and was also shinning again. They then go through path to another temple where there were tall tress at both sides of the path.  She says that it was beautiful. One of the triplet say that these temples were the same as the previous temple from 16 years ago and that it was built a while before the triplets were born.


Takumi Usui

Takumi Usui is the father of Sara Usui. She resembles her father most in appearance.

Misaki Ayuzawa

Misaki Ayuzawa is the mother of Sara. She resembles her mother most on her personality.

Rui Usui

Rui Usui is the younger brother of Sara Usui. Sara is often with her little brother, so their siblings relationship is very close. She often teases him but still enjoys being with him.


  • In Hebrew, Sara means princess or nobleman.

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