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Seika Students Council is a group of 12 Seika students who deal with festivals and enlivenment's organization, the annual statistics of the high school, the intern problems of it, the elections etc. They released a guide named "Student's Guide".


The student council consists of 12 members:

  1. President:
    1. Sōtarō Kanō[1][Current]
    2. Misaki Ayuzawa [Former]
  2. Vice-President:Shōichirō Yukimura
  3. Accountants: Kenji Sawa
  4. Secretary: Bunta Kosugi
  5. Head of the Election Commitee: Masaru Gōda

Members with unknown occupation: Kiyomasa Katada, Yūta Utsumi, Hayase Kōta.


  • Every year there are Student Council Member Elections and each year students vote their President.
  • Misaki Ayuzawa is the first female president.
  • All the members of the previous Students Council were boys except Misaki.
  • Sōtarō Kanō is the new Student Council president [1].



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