Shinji Kamimura (上村真司, Kamimura Shinji) is the fiancé of Maria Miyazono and the CEO of the Public Company Hishifune.


He is a tall bespectacled young man with short black hair swept back and and wears a business suit with a tie. According to Maria his looks are above average.[1]


According to Maria he is intelligent, kind and gentle and has high social status.[1]


Not much is known about his past except that he and Maria have been friends since childhood and grew up together.[1]


After Maria confessed her love to Misaki, Shinji came to school to apologize to the Principal for the scandal that she caused and forgives her for it.[2]


  • (To the Principal) " I work at the Public Company Hishifune. The name's Kamimura Shinji. This here is my fiancee. I deeply express my apology for Miyazono Maria who has imposed such a troublesome problem upon you. "[3]


  • His first name, Shinji, means "true administer".
  • His last name, Kamimura, means "above village".


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