Takashi Hagimoto (萩本 崇, Hagimoto Takashi) is a classmate of Misaki Ayuzawa at Seika High School and a member of the Student Council.


He has spiky brown hair and wears spectacles wih circular purple lens. He is usually seen wearing the school uniform. Takashi has an average weight.


Takashi is an energetic and atlethic student. He is also friendly, cheerful and sociable.


Takashi is the Commentator of Seika High Sports Festival. He is also Broadcasting Head of the Student Council. and one of the committee heads who is given much attention in the show. He is also seen in the students council room, dealing with their problems.


At the annual sports day he takes over the presentation of the various disciplines and tears with his unbridled enthusiasm the student body.


  • He is in class 2-1.
  • His first name, Takashi, means "elevated, praiseworthy."
  • Also, his surname, Hagimoto, means " near verge".


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