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Appleplum February 26, 2013 User blog:Appleplum
Hello everyone. I am a huge fan of Kaichou wa Maid sama. I started watching it on Television on the channel  Animax. But then, the channel was blocked and I was heartbroken to leave all my favourite Anime including Maid Sama. It happened several years ago. Then I came to know about the Manga and Anime provided by different sites and without any delay, I started reading the Manga. Now, I download Maid sama's new chapters as soon as they are released. I am very happy and always enjoy


reading it.

My favourite pairings are:

If you like these pairings or any other pairing, please comment and tell me about it. I'll be gla




d to know.

  • Misaki X Takumi

  • Misaki X Tora

  • Misaki X Shintani

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