well 5 days ago i swapped my big brother darren, my x-box 360 for a brand new laptop.

we all know what your thinking, why would my brother swap a used x-box for a new laptop? seeing as recently my brother has gone back to school, (he quit, then a year or so he thought he needed the proper education so he went back) he got told by he's teacher or someone that he had to buy a laptop, but later on this year he found out that there was no point in buying that laptop, so he went on gum tree, to sell it for $300, but he didnt get the cash, and he asked me 2 days ago if i wanted to swap, so i said yes, my mum said that we had until 3:30 pm today to see if we wanted to swap back, neither of us did, BUT NOW THE LAPTOPS ALL MINE MWAHAHAHHAAH, AND HE CANT TAKE IT BACK FROM ME! unless we both agree to swap back.

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