Just received it yesterday, I thought that I will never get my own copy of the issue, since I've requested it last December 26... ಥ_ಥ

Besides the YukiochixMaid-sama crossover, there are other good manga(s) there, especially the Mizutama Honey Boy and Saiouji Kyoudai etc.

LaLa2017_5.JPG LaLa2017_6.JPG


I've enjoyed the one-shot manga. Sasuga Fujiwara-sensei! I love every part of it, especially when Misaki and Usui showed up❤.

LaLa2017_9.JPG LaLa2017_3.JPG

Not related but... Hype for Hokenshitsu no Kageyama-kun!



Aside from that issue, I bought the two Otakuzine's past issues where-in Maid-sama is the cover.

Otakuzine_68_69_1.JPG Otakuzine_68_69_2.JPG
Otakuzine_68_69_3.JPG Otakuzine_68_69_4.JPG

It also has a free poster featuring Misaki and Sakura.


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