aka ann siangco

  • I live in 2 blocks away from yours!
  • I was born on June 5
  • My occupation is student from 2-1
  • I am female
  • Nie-chan


    January 14, 2012 by Nie-chan


    count you in

    from one to ten

    you got two

    cause my mom got one

    the subtle standpoint

    i became curious

    now i explore your cold world

    i never melt

    cause we are

    needles and threads

    in one hole

    we make a stitch

    sew by one hand

    we creat good memories

    we can keep

    for years

    livin in a different dimension

    but we both have the same conclusion

    by the end of the day

    smiles are always in our way

    the anxiety i felt

    is gone

    for God created an angel

    beautifully as you are

    :] nie-chan.

    dedicated to my bestfriend :]

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  • Nie-chan

    loneliness is my destiny-

    January 13, 2012 by Nie-chan

    Loneliness is my Destiny

    as i walk to a road to start my journey

    fears were through me very badly

    somehow i needed someone who can rescue me

    who can give me light and love for free.

    i've spent half my life just by wishing

    for someone who can dance w/ me and sing

    the lullaby that my heart is whispering

    it was all an illusion, dreaming was a stupid thing!

    every night i feel so cold and empty

    as i close my eyes you're the one that i see

    i can't believe that a single smile would let me fall

    for a trap called love, so painful after all.

    i couldn't count the teardroops from my eyes

    i was locked up here w/ the sad and silent cries

    i thought you're the one who'll rescue me

    you can't give me the light, you can't love me tenderly

    how could you bid goodbye w/o even s…

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