Loneliness is my Destiny

as i walk to a road to start my journey

fears were through me very badly

somehow i needed someone who can rescue me

who can give me light and love for free.

i've spent half my life just by wishing

for someone who can dance w/ me and sing

the lullaby that my heart is whispering

it was all an illusion, dreaming was a stupid thing!

every night i feel so cold and empty

as i close my eyes you're the one that i see

i can't believe that a single smile would let me fall

for a trap called love, so painful after all.

i couldn't count the teardroops from my eyes

i was locked up here w/ the sad and silent cries

i thought you're the one who'll rescue me

you can't give me the light, you can't love me tenderly

how could you bid goodbye w/o even saying hi?

how could you walk away knowing that i could die?

now i know, i will walk alone w/ my journey,.

God has planned it! cause loneliness is my destiny.

by: gianni coleen madrid

my bestfriend :]

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