Okay! First of all people who hate Usui should read this and those who are crazy for Usui shaould also read it too. Basically it's for everyone (sshhhh! Don't tell Usui)

Resons you should like...who am I kidding...LOVE Usui :

1. He is Hot! (Like cm'on every one knows that)

2. Voted Sexiest Male Anime 2010! (Ha!)

3. One-quater Brithish

4. A knight in shining amour (For Misaki >.<)

5. Top Stundent in Seki (That's REALLY good)

6. Can play violin,chess and has manners!

7. I'm seriously running out of options here so just go to Google and search Usui Tamaki!!!

And then You are in LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Usui smile

Glowing look n smile of Usui TAkumi for misaki

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