UxMishi (ユメミシ, Yumemishi) is a fictional Indie rock band in the anime and manga series Kaichou wa Maid-sama!


The band consists of four boys, all coming from Yumesaki High School:

  • Kūga Sakurai: is the vocalist and lead singer. He first seems calm and gentle, but in truth he is rude and arrogant especially to his biggest fan Sakura Hanazono . After having an incident with Misaki he changed his ways and started to have feelings for Sakura.
  • Kōma Yabu: is the bassist and a backup vocalist. He has a lot of hardship and always scolds Kuga for his rude behavior.
  • Yūjirō Ono: is the drummer. He has a cheerful personality and people often think he is a foreign student, because of his pseudonym William Adam Yuuji.
  • Shōsei Nikaidō: is the guitarist and and a backup vocalist. He is very quiet and doesn't talk that often.



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